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Swipe Out Hunger
This year, 1 in 3 college students will go hungry. Because traditional programs aren’t meeting their needs, we’re taking action.

What is Swipe Out Hunger?

Swipe Out Hunger is a national nonprofit committed to ending college student hunger. The organization's flagship program, "The Swipe Drive," allows students to donate their extra meal plan swipes to their peers who face food insecurity on campus. Founded by a group of friends at UCLA in 2010, they have grown campus by campus into a national movement serving 1.6 million nutritious meals across 28 states and more than 80 campuses to date.

Swipe Out Hunger at SIU

SIU launched a Swipe Out Hunger Program in the fall of 2019 as part of a student-led initiative to end food insecurity on campus. Through a collaborative effort between Culinary and Nutrition Services, the Saluki Food Pantry, Wellness and Health Promotion Services, and the Office of Sustainability, SIU's program raises awareness around the issue of student hunger and helps provide nutritious meals to students in need.

Why we need Swipe Out Hunger at SIU:

Students with food insecurity are:

  • 53% more likely to miss a class
  • 54% more likely to miss a study session
  • 37% more likely to miss a club meeting
  • 55% more likely to opt not to join an extracurricular activity
  • 55% more likely to not buy a required textbook
  • 25% more likely to drop a class
  • 81% more likely to not perform as well academically as they otherwise would have