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Healthy Salukis To Go provides health-related workshops at your location.

Our staff can present on the following health-related topics at your location: health-care at Student Health Servicessexual health, stress and sleep management, suicide prevention, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition and physical activity, and violence prevention and awareness. We can present in classrooms, conference rooms, at special events, local schools or residence halls* for SIU students, and staff/faculty. Additional health related topics may be provided upon request, based on presenter availability. All topics can be modified to meet the needs of the requester.

How to request a presentation/workshop:

  1. Please make your request at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. Please fill out the request workshop on-line form and hit submit.
  3. *Presentations in University Housing residence halls require a commitment of at least 3 floors.

Presentation/Workshop Topics:


  • Healthy Salukis
    • Healthcare on Campus- Student Health Services, a student-centered facility, strives to fulfil the vision of working to make SIU a healthier community. We’ll explain services available, fees, and how to make appointments as well as how to stay healthy in college. Request workshop.

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  • The Naked Truth
    • Get the facts about sex, birth control, STIs and consent. If you have questions about sex you’ve always wanted answered but were too afraid, embarrassed or shy to ask, this is the place for you. Ask questions and get accurate information. Request workshop.
  • Consent is Sexy
    • How do you make asking for or giving consent (a legal prerequisite) sexy? Talking about sex can be hard. We can help you learn how to have conversations about consent. Get the info, resources, and skills to take some of the vulnerability out of consent. Learn how to make consent sexy. NOT awkward. Request workshop.

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  • Break up with Stress
    • Based on positive psychology, simple stress reduction techniques will be taught to help you cope effectively with stressful moments throughout your day. These coping techniques will foster academic and personal success. Request workshop.
  • Sleep for Success
    • College students nationwide report poor sleep habits and difficulty getting enough restful hours of sleep. This can impact academic performance, physical and mental health, judgment, and emotions. In this workshop, learn new skills in improving your sleep habits and start sleeping for success! Request workshop.

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  • Resilience:  I may Bend, but I will not Break!
    • Are you able to bounce back from negative life situations? This presentation will help you find out just how resilient you are! Discover your strongest areas of resilience and identify the areas you need to work on. Participants will also learn about the characteristics of highly resilient people, and find out how to become more resilient. Request workshop.
  • Talk Saves Lives
    • For most people, talking about suicide is more difficult than talking about sex! This presentation will focus on suicide risks and warning signs among college students, and how and where to get help. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and be provided with helpful resources. Request workshop.
  • QPR Gatekeeper Training
    • Similar to CPR, QPR will teach participants how to respond in a crisis situation. Participants will learn how to become Gatekeepers and recognize a student in crisis, and warning signs that someone may be contemplating suicide. Participants will be taught the components of QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) intervention, and how to put them into action. All participants who complete this training will receive a QPR booklet and resource card. Request workshop.

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  • Alcohol 101
    • All college students experience the effects of college drinking – whether they drink or not. Learn ways to positively party while avoiding the negative consequences that result from excessive drinking. Request workshop.
  • Buzzed to Blacked Out
    • You've been to the Alcohol 101 presentation and know the information by heart. Now, let's put your knowledge to the test! Through a Jeopardy-style game, participants will demonstrate their understanding of basic to advanced alcohol and other drug concepts. Do you have the knowledge to party smarter? Request workshop.
  • Prescription Nation
    • America’s biggest drug problem is not on the street…it’s in our medicine cabinets. Learn about the rising prescription drug abuse problem in America and on college campuses. Request workshop.

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  • Mindless Eating
    • Most people think they are too smart to be influenced by candy dishes, television, or the shape of a glass. This presentation, based on the compelling yet entertaining research of Dr. Brian Wansink, will highlight how size, availability, and your nutrition environment influence your food intake. This presentation will change the way you think about your next meal! Request workshop.
  • Beer is Not a Food Group
    • Eating healthfully can be as challenging as taking a quantum physics final. Learn the basics of a balanced diet, how to read food labels, and how to make better choices when eating out. The development of chronic disease in college-age students and its association with poor diets will also be discussed. Request workshop.
  • Weight Mistakes – How to avoid the freshman 15
    • Many college students fear the Freshman 15 – with reason. Students are constantly challenged to make healthy food and beverage choices. This presentation will focus on common weight misconceptions as well as tips and tools to help you play defense in the battle of the bulge. Request workshop.
  • Let’s get Physical
    • You know exercise is good for you . . . but do you know how good? From boosting your mood to improving your GPA, find out how physical activity will make your life better! Did I mention physical activity also enhances your sex life? It does. Request workshop.

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  • Relationship Remix
    • Relationships can be complicated. Join us for an honest, open discussion about the ups and downs of relationships. Learn about consent, helpful tips to keep the lines of communication open, and healthy ways to deal with conflict. Ask questions and get honest answers. Request workshop.
  • “Love the Way You Lie” Pop Culture & Intimate Partner Violence
    • Undying passion, obsessive desire, and jealously are the hallmarks of a great romance, right? (That’s what Hollywood would have us believe, anyway.) Using clips from current films, TV shows, or music videos, you will learn to examine pop culture’s influence on shaping our understanding of healthy and abusive romantic relationships. Request workshop.
  • In the Headlines: Sexual Assault & the News Media
    • In this presentation, we share facts about sexual violence and examine the relationship among sexual assault, rape culture, and sexual objectification. You will also learn how the news media works to condone, normalize, and excuse sexual violence. Request workshop.

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