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What is MASC?

MASC (Men Allied for Social Change) is a 6-week program for SIU men interested in becoming leaders and agents of change in their communities. MASC leads participants to explore manhood and gender equity while empowering them to build communities free from violence.

Participants must be willing to meet for 6 consecutive sessions, participate in group activities, and complete brief journal reflections. Financial compensation is available to participants .

Participation is free.

Want to make a difference?

If you would like to participate in MASC, feel free to use the application form below. Once your application is received, you will be contacted to set up an interview.

Applications for the 2021 fall semester must be received by Thursday, Sept. 23,  2021.

MASC is held every semester, so feel free to apply!

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  • Participants are expected to attend all 6 sessions for the full 90 minutes.
  • Participants must be enrolled at Southern Illinois University Carbondale as undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Participants are expected to complete all journal prompts based on their experiences and reflections on the week’s materials.
  • If needed, participants will be provided with a notebook for note keeping and journal responses. Participants will be asked to submit their journal responses to group facilitators for use in assessing program effectiveness. Participants may opt-out of this completely, or request that only certain journal responses be collected.
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to define their own group expectations at the beginning of session one.

MASC Testimonials

Sam Ramirez

Sam Ramirez:

How would you describe MASC?
"We are a group of men who come from diverse backgrounds who care about our community. We have taken time to talk through and educate ourselves on the issues that face men in today’s world. You see, Standards are placed on men by other men, women, and society at large. Standards like, you have to be tough, the only emotion you can share is anger, real men don’t cry. These pressures are unhealthy and prevent men from being who they really are. Here at MASC, we believe in a better day for men, when toxic masculinity is no longer a thing, and men can be themselves. And this starts one person at a time! So go check out our page and get signed up!"

Why did you join MASC?
"I joined MASC because I knew I wanted to be a better man. A man was never clearly defined when I was younger, so I had to pick up pieces and clues from the men around me to figure out how do I operate as a man. And as I got older, following in others' footsteps didn’t really work out sometimes, and I regret it. I wish I would have known or even had discussions on what a man should be. What was appropriate and what wasn’t. I joined MASC because it started that conversation for me in a safe place with other men. No judgment, no pressures, just us guys! I am glad I joined MASC."

What did you like about MASC?
"I really liked the atmosphere that we had in MASC. We were a diverse group from all backgrounds, and even though we had many differences, a lot of our experiences were the same. We faced a lot of the same challenges, some more than others. And when you hear that someone else went through a similar situation, felt the same emotions, you realize we are connected by a lot more than we originally thought. The connection and freedom we had in conversation were definitely my favorite part of MASC!"

Daniel Ragle

Daniel Ragle:

How would you describe MASC?
"MASC is a group of men designed so men can learn more about their masculinity, what it means to them individually, and how you can express it in a healthy way. The knowledge you gain from MASC can change your life, and you can take that knowledge and share it with others around you to be part of a movement that is changing the world and how masculinity is defined."

Why did you join MASC?
"I joined MASC because I wanted to be part of something that can change the world, and I found that in MASC. I was excited to be part of a group where everyone in the group had something in common, and it is something that is bigger than any one of us in the group. Our masculinity individualizes us, but it also brings us all closer."

What did you like about MASC?
"I had so much fun coming to MASC every week and getting to spend time talking with and learning alongside other men. I looked forward to that time so much because it gave me a much-needed safe space to express myself without feeling judged. I learned so much about the toxic behavior that has been all around me my entire life, yet I always accepted it without realizing how it was affecting me and those around me. I feel much better knowing there are better ways to express my masculinity without the loneliness and isolation that often accompanies “being a man.”

"I would recommend MASC to any man feeling out of place with his masculinity or if he just wants to learn more. MASC is a great opportunity to expand your horizons with a great group of friends in a safe and nurturing environment."

Brandon Caldwell:

How would you describe MASC?
“MASC is a group of men that meet weekly to discuss the social implications that come with being a man. We discuss the social pressures that are placed on men and how to combat these pressures in an authentic way that not only promotes mental stability but gender equality. I joined MASC to broaden my perspective on what it means to be a man. I learned that being a man doesn’t confine you to suppressing your emotions. Being a man comes with the ability to listen, be emotionally available, and actively combat social parameters.”